Call center service is a serious profession. Our agents are carefully screened and selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. Most of our agents have a college-level education, and are given further training in the art of sale negation and customer service. They are also paid well to perform their services in a professional and patient manner.


PCS Consultants, Inc. is available to help your customers in whatever way they feel most comfortable communicating. We offer language service capabilities to speak with over half of the world’s population so your customers can speak or write in the way that is easiest for them. We ensure every interaction with your customer or prospect is professional, the information is accurate and the experience leaves each person with a positive impression of your brand.

Inbound Telemarketing

Your company takes great pride in how you treat your customers. At PCS, we share the same feelings and can help you provide exceptional customer service, order taking and helpdesk support to your clients. Our inbound call center agents have experience and expertise making customers happy all over the world. We work with traditional and online catalogue companies in the US and Australia to take customer orders and provide product support. These same firms also use us for their chat support and outbound telemarketing as well. We have the best in VOIP phone service and operate our own so your customers will always have a clear call. Our inbound call center agents have experience in taking airline reservations, hotel bookings, customer retention programs and much more.

Outbound Telemarketing

Do you want to take advantage of the same sales force that many of the top lead generation companies use to build their market share? PCS’ sales teams will help your business grow. Our telemarketing agents have the experience to make your sales campaign a success. We have talented script writers who know how to market to your customers, and we use the newest dialing technology to make sure your agents are on the phones selling and not waiting for their calls to connect. We work hard to make sure we exceed your sales expectations. Major lead generation and data collection companies trust PCS to help them gain market share.


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