Bilingual Interviewers, Team Leaders, Supervisors … In the newspaper ads, it’s only for them! Phone professionals do not know about unemployment. Looking for a job? The recruiters’ proposals seem tempting but you are still hesitating to respond to offers? Here are the good reasons to apply…

Because the sector is recruiting at full capacity.

Due to the high turnover rates in the profession, call centers are constantly looking for new employees. And given that there are thousands of centers in United States and Canada, there are many job opportunities.


Because the trade is accessible.

Do not need a doctorate to enter a call center! In general, a high school diploma is sufficient. In this highly meritocratic sector, recruiters favor the personal qualities of candidates for their diplomas. Relational ease, a sense of listening and team spirit are the keys to success.


Because each profile corresponds to one.

Okay, you’ll be working on the phone. But between the job of telemarketer and that of investigator, the daily tasks differ. Whether you have talent for negotiation, the desire to help others, or the need to satisfy your curiosity, you should find a position that fits your profile.

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Because schedules are flexible.

Part time or full week, evening or weekend work, flexible schedules will allow you to adjust your schedule according to your needs. We like it or hate it, but it’s handy when we do various activities in parallel. No wonder that students and young mothers make up the bulk of the troops in call centers.


To work in a young and dynamic team.

In almost all companies, the average age of employees is less than 30 years. Often, it even approaches the twenties. The atmosphere of a call center is very different from the “tranquility” of an accounting office. We speak all day, sometimes in several languages, and we help each other. Customer contact is a team effort.


For the opportunities or evolution.

Moving to 23 years as a call operator as a recruiter for a call center is possible. Most centers have internal promotion policies in place. To fill skilled positions, recruiters do not hesitate to draw from their resources. The “classic” evolution for an agent is to become a team leader, supervisor, then, why not, director of the center.


For the skills that are acquired.

If you can make a career in the call center industry, there is also a life after the phone! A successful career in the sector makes it possible to develop skills that are universally appreciated by employers. Working at a high pace on several projects at the same time, fulfilling quantified objectives without sacrificing quality of service, evolving as a team, these are all assets to be emphasized during an upcoming job interview