Call Center California

Turnover, a common phenomenon in companies and call centers, can result in significant hidden costs. Worse, it can have negative impacts on the company’s turnover. This problem remains a major brake on its development, but reducing it also entails major concessions.

To reduce the rate of turnover, many recommend to ensure the welfare of employees: break time, quality of equipment, layout of premises. But this entails additional costs for the company, costs that could impact on the salary of employees. Especially if it is a recent activity. So what would be the right compromise between the interests of the employer and the interests of the employees?

The hidden costs of turnover can reach a worrying proportion. This in itself constitutes a criterion for assessing the health of the company. Employee turnover involves significant recruitment and training costs. But it’s not just that. By permanently changing its staff, the company generates losses in productivity. For a call center, only one hour of interruption can constitute a significant loss.

The problem is all the more important when one knows that most operators consider their call center experience as passing and not seen as a career. Companies have a hard time retaining talent.

How to solve this problem ? Improving the image of the profession? Do everything to keep the prodigies? A question that many call center managers are struggling to answer even if one thing is certain, turnover is detrimental to the CA and thus becomes one of the most important current issues in the sector.