Call Center California


Sometimes, the telephone reception is sufficient to give an idea of the professionalism of the company. Similarly, telephone reception is an opportunity to impress callers. It therefore requires a personalized and highly performing welcome. Here are the recommended practices to have an effective telephone call.

The pre-hook voice message must present the company. When personalized, the reception of the interlocutor is more careful and the latter will be more reassured of the quality of the discussion that follows, in this case the processing of his request. The greeting reflects and therefore greatly improves the brand image of the company.

Palliative measurement in case of overflow
During rush periods, it is important to be able to use an Interactive Voice Server so that no caller is wronged and also to reduce the waiting time. The advantage of IVR is that it can direct the caller directly to the service he is looking for. In addition to improving productivity, the IVS demonstrates the quality of the organization and does not indicate in any way that human reception is not privileged.

Although it is only a matter of seconds, this short time is enough to spread a definitive image of the company, a bit like the reception in the shops. Thus, it is necessary to define the way in which one wishes to receive the callers.

Humanize the waiting message
If, despite all these measures, some calls still have to wait, it is important that the message is humanized. It is necessary to make the expectation pleasant as far as possible. One can take advantage of this to inform about offers or contact details of the company for example. Finally, it is imperative to allow the caller to leave a message so that it is quickly recontacted.