The goal is to organize a meeting between the prospects and the sales people. From this point of view, making appointments in the call center seems easy.


How to persuade the person at the end of the talk through a structured approach?

1. Hanging and presentation.

Of course, snagging when making appointments in the call center is the next step after greetings and identification of the caller. The principle is to attract the attention of the prospect and the difficulty lies in the fact that the objections at this level determine the continuation of the telephone interview. The telemarketer will therefore have to carry out preliminary research in order to know the true situation of his target in relation to the services or products suggested by the company. In this way, he will find the best angle of attack to present his argument. The best way to do this would be to start by showing the person that this offer will benefit him. The details will come later. This is not a monologue. It will also be necessary to know how to encourage the person to participate in the conversation. The relevant questions will be used by the call agents to better know the prospect.


2. Set the appointment.

If the first step has proceeded as planned, the call agent have aroused a sense of doubt in the mind of the person, but also persuade him of the existence of a solution adapted to his needs. The art of telemarketing in call center appointments is to present the product or service concerned as an effective and advantageous alternative. Once this contact is established, it is now time to suggest a meeting with the call agent of the company who will come to make a report, a quotation or even present directly a commercial offer. To obtain a date and a place and a fixed time, this will be at this stage the objective of the distance survey. For the last step,