Call Center California

Call Center California


The challenge of customer relations is not to automate everything in order to eliminate the role of man but rather to facilitate the work of the latter so that its presence is more useful. This depends to a large extent on the personality of the agents and the spirit of service conveyed by the company.

To estimate the quality of a call center service, it is no longer limited to quantitative results. In order to ensure that the customer relationship center really adds value to the company, it is necessary to go beyond the criteria of conventional evaluations. The emotional quotient is a parameter to be considered more in order to answer the current stakes of the customer relation: reintroduce the human and personalize the contacts.

Consider the call center as a natural person. And like any physical person, there is a certain degree of self-confidence to demonstrate, but to achieve it, one must self-evaluate, not without a certain realism. In practice, it is above all necessary to monitor the telemonitors regularly by checking the call trays on a regular basis.

Then, self-control. In humans, it is a matter of knowing how to control one’s emotions so that they do not interfere with work. The goal is to turn emotions to its advantage, in other words, to work. When you are conscientious, you are less likely to lose leads.

There is also motivation. A motivated call center is perceived through the attitude of the agents. The art of motivating and persevering the agents passes by highlighting their ambitions of sorts to that they set goals and do everything to achieve it. In short, it is necessary to help the telemarketers to take initiatives, they will be all the more effective.

And what about empathy? The contact center, through the counselor, must take into account the feelings of others and respect them in order to establish a harmonious relationship with the contacts. We have to make sure that customers are really satisfied with the service provided.