Call Center California

Call Center California

This is a practice that has existed for a long time but which, thanks to new technologies, could be democratized. The home call center is a solution that not only facilitates access to employment for people with reduced mobility, housewives and teleworkers, but also brings many benefits to employers.

On the employee side, the main advantages are that they no longer have to travel to work. This saves considerable time, not to mention savings on travel costs. The teleoperator working from home can activate on broader schedules. Moreover, working in a personalized comfort, the agent is more motivated and therefore more productive: the premiums are then maximized.

Thanks to this concept, housewives or persons with reduced mobility who want to round off their monthly ends can also benefit from a real opportunity to work, either full-time or part-time. These resources are very useful for companies during the peaks of activities (new promotion, new product) requiring additional staff to sustain the continuity of the work.

In addition to being a professional insertion solution, the virtual call center brings real advantages for companies. Contact center technology is very easy to deploy at home. It does not require any heavy installation, it allows companies and call centers to save on equipment as well as on expenses related to technical maintenance.

As for supervision, agents working remotely can be monitored in the same way as internal agents thanks to the statistics accessible in real time. The home call center meets the needs of the agents in terms of comfort and working conditions, as long as they are not overly supervised. This can greatly reduce turnover and improve the efficiency of telemarketers. For small businesses that do not have budgets to install a call center, this solution is ideal because a delocalized call center requires only Internet access and a telephone line.