Call Center California


It is a must for all companies wishing to develop lasting relationships with their customers, voice infrastructure is more than ever relevant. Whether it’s SVI, voice identity or call centers, companies can no longer neglect these tools that are no longer limited to customer support but actually integrate the marketing strategy.

Voice Identity: the sound reception is a kind of musical signature of the company. It must make it easy to identify the company so that the customer knows, from the first few seconds that he has dialed the right number. For this, the reception must be simple, understandable and original to be easily memorized.

Unified Number Management: For better management of numbers, it is important to customize voice solutions, including interface, parameterization and statistics. With the volume of solicitations, it is necessary to equip its customer relation of a multichannel device. In addition, short numbers referring to the after-sales service or other service greatly influence the image of the company. They are therefore far from harmless and do not choose themselves at random.

Contact center:¬†Formerly call centers, these centers dedicated to customer relations are now adapted to all channels of interaction (chat, call, email, video, automatic callback, IVR …), not to mention the fact that the system Is now largely integrated. The contact center is more than ever ready to personalize customer relations, provided the company can afford it.

Interactive voice server: for optimized filtering of incoming calls, the IVR is the ideal solution. This device makes it possible to dispatch the calls by detecting their patterns and redirecting them to the corresponding service. Being a form of first contact, it is essential to have an effective architecture not to undermine the user experience. It is therefore necessary to reduce the steps as much as possible by intelligently categorizing the different grounds of appeal. Reasons to anticipate. Lastly, it is necessary to ensure that the agents placed in a given department are perfectly familiar with their field of intervention but this is another pair of sleeves.