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Driving the culture of the company: this is the mission of the community manager. So does it make sense to use an external provider to manage online communities? The answer.

Having a thorough knowledge of the company is a necessary condition so that the community management is done for the best. This implies that it is preferable to entrust this task to an internal employee. However, it depends on the circumstances and needs of the company: the key is to find the right people, whether internally or externally. In fact, it is necessary to balance the skills and knowledge, internal and external, to have a better result. Nevertheless, using outsourcing has undeniable advantages.

Advantages of outsourced community management Community
management is a specialized field requiring the intervention of an expert, often from outside, who understands better the needs of the company and can define a “objective” socialized view of the brand With a view to improving it. Therefore, it should be seen as a supplement of value rather than an additional expense.

On-going monitoring is also an asset: an external community manager team can manage real-time crises, whether at weekends or at night. The moderation, the orientation towards the good services and the questions requiring urgent answers can be done at any time thanks to the outsourcing.

Forming a winning team
With these different requirements, it is not always easy to find the right skills internally. The advantage of the internal staff is that it is already imbued with the culture of the brand but if it does not master the functioning of social media, it will not be able to carry out the management of the communities. Hence the usefulness of calling on external experts to form a truly effective community management team. So, while waiting for all the services related to the company to be involved in the customer relationship, it is better to outsource to avoid mistakes that can sometimes be expensive.