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The choice of a customer relationship outsourcing is decisive if a company wants to get closer to consumers or find other prospects. It is an investment in which the future and image of a brand are played out. Establishing a partnership with a provider will therefore be a real long-term project.


A new marketing approach

Technology has broadened the scope of possibilities by offering different ways to be in contact with consumers. A customer relationship outsourcing will therefore be done through a multichannel device. Today’s call centers suggest many techniques that will be used to establish ongoing and modern relationships with their customers. Tele-users will then use all available tools such as e-mailing, telephone, chat discussions, social networks or other marketing levers. The company will need a complete infrastructure. Since most activities will focus on business strategies, TPs will need to know the type of products or services they will be selling. Mastering all the characteristics of each offer will be necessary if you want to promote a brand image or position yourself as a reference in the eyes of the customer. All these elements will have to be taken into consideration when setting up a collaboration with an offshore company.


To whom should we entrust an outsourcing project?

It is through their activities that societies differ from one another. And often, providers have preferences regarding outsourcing customer relationship that they will be led to realize. Some contact centers will have stronger skills in telemarketing while others will be more oriented towards order intake or after-sales service. But even in these cases, a company that offers real estate services, for example, will not have the same needs as a firm that sells animal products. Training will therefore be required at the beginning of each campaign. With large companies, the task will be truly complex as teleagents will be confronted with an international clientele. A multilingual service will be really appreciated.