Respiratory diseases such as hoarseness and other vocal complaints are the main reason for sick leave in the call and service centers. By using targeted preventive measures to eliminate the causes, you ultimately keep costs down by absenteeism. Prevention should start

Prevention should start in the working conditions and behavior.

Have a good moistening of the rooms. The relative humidity should be about 50 percent. In addition, for care should be taken that the agent has access to drinks. In many call centers the agents get drinking water.

Reduce background noise by a good sound insulation.

Provide ergonomic furniture and instruct the agents in the use of height-adjustable tables and chairs. The best furniture does not help if it is not used accordingly. Workstations are optimal, where you can stand and sit alternately. Also, seat cushions and gymnastics balls help people to move and keep the voice alive.


Good headsets relieve the voice because they dam up background noise for the agent and also provides noise canceling. The agent understands better from the noises.

Regular screen breaks relieve not only the voice but it also keeps the performance long lasting.

In all helpful standardization, train your agents so that they can communicate in a given situation and can authentically speak with its own voice.

Inform the agents on their main working tool: voice.

There are voice and voice trainings and coaching sessions developed especially for the call center area, which are shown to lead to fewer voice complaints and cause the agents to deal more consciously and more carefully with their voices.

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