10% Discount on our Virtual Assistant Services!

Visit our contact us page or dial (866) 671-4344 for more information.

10% Discount on our Virtual Assistant Services!

Visit our contact us page or dial (866) 671-4344 for more information.

10% Discount on our Virtual Assistant Services!

Visit our contact us page or dial (866) 671-4344 for more information.

Reduced Costs. Increased Profits.

Our Customer Support team is staffed 24/7 and acts as an extension of your business worldwide.

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Know more about the tremendous value of Virtual Assistant Services. Visit our contact us page or dial (866) 671-4344

Telemarketing Services

Our commitment to you is to customize inbound and outbound call center help that adds value. Improve efficiency, and most importantly boost your sales.

Diverse Service

We offer a more diversified service which will help support your business with sales, customer service, appointment setting, clerical tasks, reports, order taking, dispatching and more.

Project Management

Our Project Manager reviews and develop all standards, processes and systems to support your business requirements.

Outbound Campaign

We will help you launch a more efficient campaign fast.

Our Work

Our virtual assistants are ready to support your business processing needs. We understand that cost savings in today's business climate is important to your bottom-line. To this end, we guarantee tailored Virtual Assistant Services that fits your business needs and budget.

PCS Call Center

Your business partner that helps you move ahead.

Dedicated and experienced virtual assistants.

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Too Much Turnover Reduces Turnover

Turnover, a common phenomenon in companies and call centers, can result in significant hidden costs. Worse, it can have negative impacts on the company’s turnover. This problem remains a major...

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How to Reintroduce the Human to into Customer Relations?

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Calculate Turnover Rate to Gauge Turnover

Contact centers are by far the most commonly used workplace. In addition to the impact on the image of the company, this phenomenon generates both visible and unsuspected expenses. It...

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Pimping and Call Center are not the Same

  We must denounce the dishonest practices that tarnish the reputation of the profession in the field of customer relations. Not displeasing to some people, the pink phone is a...

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Future of Emerging Countries in Outsourcing

  The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have a dream potential. Teleperformance is also very optimistic about the opportunities offered by these countries for outsourcing call centers. The...

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Tips for Improving Telephone Service

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Is it a Good Idea to Outsource Web Community Management?

  Driving the culture of the company: this is the mission of the community manager. So does it make sense to use an external provider to manage online communities? The...

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